A little about me. I’m just a guy that loves working for startup companies, writing literature and being an architect for tech innovation. Writing high quality material helps to educate audiences, promote best practices and bring about adoption faster. Having started off as a freelance writer, I got interested in Bitcoin in 2017 and started technical writing for a few big publications and released a few books.

Writing or, better yet, being able to articulate and elucidate your story, expressed opinion, or argument is something that should make you happy. I have a passion for writing, so I know all the good monetary things will come later. The kicker is writing isn't about money, fame, or making friends. It is about enriching the lives of those hungry for knowledge and using writing as a tool to enhance the writer's mental and spiritual aptitude. Writing is about legacy and, most important—the extricable link between your evolution and expression of thought. When I'm not a digital nomad for tech companies, I'm either spending time with my family or grinding towards my goals every day, block by block. I enjoy being a literary architect for innovative technology and user experience. Due to this, I've fallen down the rabbit hole and plan to write my way out.